Heritage Volunteer projects are taking place throughout the South West, members having a range of opportunities to become involved in research and conservation, to share their passion of the arts with others and to enjoy knowing that they are 'making a difference'.      If you would like further information, please send an email to the South West Volunteer Representative, DAVID FARRANT, at

What is Heritage Volunteering?

Heritage Volunteers help to conserve our heritage.  The conservation and preservation of our heritage is a burden on the limited resources of museums, libraries, gardens, historic houses and National Trust properties.  Heritage Volunteers support them in non-specialist but vital ways by conserving and caring for collections, recording documents, guiding and stewarding. It gives members a chance to make new friends, learn new skills and socialise with people of similar interest.


Appropriate training and expert advice is given to all Heritage Volunteers by accredited professional conservators, curators and advisors on a project basis.

Who are Heritage Volunteers?

 * Members of The Arts Society who give their time to help

preserve our heritage.

* People who like to work as a part of a friendly group.

* Individuals who welcome the chance to learn new skills.

* People who find the projects stimulating and rewarding.

Examples of Heritage Volunteer Projects

* Cataloguing of documents and archival listing.

* In-situ conservation of books.

* Documentation of objects including listing and transcribing.

* Preventive conservation of textiles.

* Replica work, the creation of period costumes and methods of storage.

* Research and recording of historic gardens.

* Stewarding in museums, historic houses and gardens.

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Please look at our page on the Gallery above to see examples of Heritage Volunteers at work.