Young Arts Project South West - 2018

This photograph is of the Lipson Academy (Plymouth) students leaving to perform at the National celebration of our 50th anniversary.  For more details, please see below under 'South Devon'

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Falmouth DFAS's latest Young Arts project assisted a Penryn based charity, Spectrum, in its work to support people living with autism and their families.  Autism is a lifelong condition which affects an individual’s ability to communicate, to empathise with others, and to integrate into normal society.  The degree of disability varies considerably, but it can be enormously challenging for the person concerned, and for their families.

Together with street artist Marc Craig, Spectrum is working with the young siblings of children who have autism, to give expression to the challenges, the aspirations and the achievements that such families experience.  The result of this collaboration was a mural which Marc painted on the walls of the tunnel leading up from the quay car park to Church Street in Falmouth.  This joyous, dramatic and colourful mural includes some of the children’s hopes for their siblings and pride in their achievements, however small, which mark their journey along what can be a long and difficult path in life.  For more details, see

Falmouth DFAS' Chairman Richard Turner said he was delighted the group had sponsored a project to bring autism to the notice of the residents and many visitors who enjoy Falmouth's glorious setting on the Cornish coast.

Honiton - Sonia Pether YA rep HDFAS sponsored a Master Class at The Thelma Hulbert Gallery in Honiton. Due to the inspiration of Angela Blackwell at the gallery, weekly art classes are held which are open to students from any local school. The classes which take place out of school time encourage art outside the normal curriculum and in all forms of medium.

Taunton -  Two Foundation Art Student from Somerset College, Taunton, were presented with their bursaries of £200 each at our June meeting. They spoke on their subjects and gave us what their hopes were for future study. Genieve wished to go on and study fine art in order to focus on painting and printmaking at a higher level. James interests lie in sculpting, cartoons and caricatures. He would like to be in illustration as a commercial freelance artist. He will put the money towards the cost of art materials and website fees.


500 Pupils.  12 Years. 10 Schools. 8 Workshops.

What does this add up to?  To the ‘WE ARE HERE’ exhibition of Truro pupils’ art responding to the theme of contemporary art in Cornwall, sponsored by Truro DFAS.

Joint Chair, Joy Reynolds said “Once again Truro DFAS is proud to be involved with the innovative and unique Combined Truro Schools Arts Project as part of our Young Arts programme in 2016 – 2017”.  During the current academic year, over 500 pupils, from ten different schools in Truro and the surrounding areas have come together to participate in a series of workshops delivered by local pre-eminent artists.  They combine to produce art that is diverse, ambitious and aims to celebrate the outstanding work of the art departments and faculties in the participating schools.

The workshops culminate in an exhibition from (dates) March 2017 in the Lander Gallery, Truro, where the art works from the various workshops will be on display.  Joint Chair Sue Grace noted “This is an inspiring programme for young artists from wide ranging backgrounds and abilities, who work together to produce some outstanding art, and has been running for 12 years – quite a record”

West Cornwall - Samme Charlesworth YA rep West Cornwall DFAS held a workshop with 10 pupils, years 9 and 10, from St Ives Comprehensive School. The workshop was to start the design for a trail through St Ives for Ben Nicholson who was a local artist. Ben Nicholas was the first contemporary artist and the inspiration for the Tate Gallery being in St Ives. The trail is intended to encourage people to walk around St Ives and look at the scenery, houses, lanes, iron work, steps and other objects as shapes. This is how Ben Nicholson would have seen them and how it influenced contemporary art. The workshop was taken by local artist and West Cornwall DFAS member Alice Mumford, helped by Samme Charlesworth, Young Arts representative, and 3 other West Cornwall DFAS members. The workshop started by playing tennis on a drawn out court on the beach, some students played and others watched and drew the line of the ball to show it’s trajectory to give the idea of curves and shapes. It also included a walk through St Ives to look at shapes and colours that would have influenced Ben Nicholson’s work. The students returned to the studio and put their ideas on paper using block printing techniques. Each design will be put onto canvas and made into a deck chair for the students to purchase.

South Devon - Pauline Stewart YA rep South Devon DFAS are involved in a project with the Plymouth City Council and St Andrew’s Primary School in Plymouth. The outcome of this project will be a body of work produced by the children on the theme of ‘Making Waves.’ This will include the children’s sketchbooks, charting the process, a silk banner, individual glass tiles and a glass sculpture depicting a wave. In addition to this visual art, the children will also have created performance art in the form of verbal poetry. Woodlands Special School was holding an Art’s Week focusing on India. As most of the children have profound physical and sensory disabilities the project took in activities that would evoke the colours and sounds of India as well as focusing on “Elephants”. The sharing Art Activity was a large newspaper collage of an elephant for each class to cooperate in making together. The skills undertaken included tearing ,scrunching the paper .Spreading the glue using hands within the outlines ,then bashing the paper down on the glue and pressing on top to create the wrinkled elephant skin. The next day some of these were embellished with sequins and all were included in the Art’s week display. In a second project at Woodlands School the theme was woods. An artist worked with 21 students, aged between 14 to 18 years old, from the 'Transition' Secondary department. Pupils were helped to create printed patterns on fabric strips for the weaving. Pupils were shown some of the artist’s own work in textiles which they found very interesting. The students created a large colourful, tactile hanging by weaving in bits of wool, fabric and twigs. The hanging will decorate an upper corridor next year.

On 19th April, a Jazz saxaphone ensemble made up of 11 students and their music teacher all from Lipson Co-operative Academy, Plymouth performed for the 50th celebration of The Arts Society at Rhythm and Reaction: The Age of Jazz in Britain at 2, Temple Place.  This marked 100 years of Jazz in Britain.  The Arts Society South Devon has sponsored this group, playing at the national awards ceremony, the 40th celebrations of the Arts Society South Devon (Plymouth) in 2017 and will soon be performing at the 50th anniverasry celebration of NADFAS/The Arts Society at Dartington Hall in July 2018.

Budleigh Salterton -  Godfrey Kent YA rep Currently involved in a literary project with primary school children.